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Male Breast Enlargement testimonials


(06-18-09) Hi My dear Amy. I haven't emailed you in a long time. It has been because I've had to deal with my mother passing away and then my father in law passing away two weeks later. Any way, I've just ordered more cream, a three months supply and can tell you I really have cleavage. I'm very happy with my breasts. I'm really trying for one much inch in my bust. I'm a small to normal B cup now. I love it. Any way let me know. Hope to hear from you soon Love ya

(06-15-09) Week three on the liquid alone, using the express dose of 3 droppers, plus a little dropped onto the nipples twice a day. I had a head start with a fat pad and some nipple sensitivity from herb use, however, now my breasts feel much heavier, my sides and bottom have just swollen in three days and now my left nipple is VERY sore on the surface and down into my boob behind the nipple. I bought two bottles and now I'm a little afraid of the first one lol. This stuff works!! J

(06-14-09) Hi there I’ve been using Natureday products for one month now and can already see a big difference. My breasts have grown 1 inch and feel deliciously soft and feminine. I’ve also noticed growth in my hips and thighs and my facial and body hair growth is beginning to slow down. I’ve just received another order and will carry on until I reach the full 36B cup I want to be. My skin is beginning to feel softer and smoother as well. It really is great stuff.

(06-12-09) hi amy i am a male 47 years old ever since grade i always wanted to have boobs just like the rest of the school girls in my class as all of the girls started to get breast buds and started to wear training bras i also hoped todevelop breasts and also start wearing a bra whenever i see a big breasted woman i always say to myself girl if you dont want them i will gladly take them from the catalogue i bought myself sveral bras and size c cup d cup and dd cup breast forms i recently started using your product and after a few weeks went from barely fulling out a traing bra to almost a 38b cup now i know how all you girls feel about getting your first bra when i went shopping for my first bra i was tickled pink like the rest of you girls at first i did not tell my wife that i was growing boobs i figured that i surprise her when they got noticble that is when i let her know that i was growing boobs i lifted my shirt andlet them flop around and asked her how she liked them and told her that i needed a brawell she said i have a few bras that you could wear that dont fit me any more anyway i hope to become a very larged cup or dd cup using your product my wife has fallen in love with my boobs she calls them her other twin girls she even given them names she named them kristi and chrissy she corrects me and tells me that they are my boobs not my breasts